Hosting or attending a party is an excellent time to talk with old friends, meet new 朋友,听听音乐,吃吃喝喝. 如果有酒供应,记住这一点 成功的派对不会把重点放在酒精消费上. 聚会不穿衣服会更有趣 逮捕、财产损失或人身伤害. 此信息旨在提供 you with information about the legal consequences of hosting a party and to assist 你做出了明智的选择. 你应该认真考虑这些后果, 因为你要为你的选择承担责任.

你要做的第一个决定是是否提供酒精饮料. 如果你选择服务 alcohol, be aware that there are University regulations as well as local, state and 管理其使用的联邦法律. 全球十大外围足球平台的学生守则描述 对非法使用毒品和酒精的纪律制裁. 每个秋季学期 student receives a copy of health risks, federal, state and local laws, University 制裁,大学政策声明和转介来源.

如果在一个组织良好的活动中负责任地使用,酒精可能会带来良好的效果 time. 然而,不负责任地使用酒精和药物可能会带来有害的后果 results such as poor academic performance, strained social relations and legal difficulties. These legal difficulties may include criminal penalties, civil damages and University 制裁. 



  • 违反噪音
  • 行为不检
  • 乱扔垃圾
  • 停车不当
  • 违反租赁

In the event alcohol is served, the risks increase dramatically to include criminal 违法行为,例如:

  • 向未成年人提供酒精饮料
  • 在没有饮酒许可的情况下举办公众聚会

Likewise, you may be liable for money damages if an underage person obtains alcohol at your party and that person later causes property damage or personal injury to another. Of course, an underage guest also may be charged criminally with possession or consumption 酒精的.


You have a duty to follow the laws of your city, state and nation, together with the 大学的政策. 如果你玩忽职守,你可能会受到某些惩罚 包括但不限于罚款、监禁或开除学籍. 以下 section describes several alcohol-related criminal offenses and penalties which typically 由于一个计划不周的聚会.

1. 向未成年人提供酒精饮料
Party hosts risk fines, imprisonment and a criminal record when furnishing alcohol 对一个他们知道或应该知道的人来说,年龄还不到21岁. 你可以提供酒水 仅限21岁或以上人士观看. 如果你没有采取预防措施来禁止 access to alcohol by an underage person you are criminally liable for furnishing alcohol 对那个未成年人. 如果罪名成立,你将面临最高刑罚 6个月监禁,1000美元罚款,或者两者都罚.

2. 未成年人财产
在俄亥俄州,持有或饮用酒精饮料的最低年龄是 21岁. 喝酒的人:在出生之前购买、拥有或饮用酒精的人 她21岁生日犯了一级轻罪. 如果罪名成立 你将面临最高6个月监禁、1000美元罚款或两者兼施的处罚.

3. 假身份
Possession or display of a fictitious operator's license, likewise, is a first degree 轻罪. 当驾驶执照被涂改或你在场时,违法行为就存在 把别人的有效驾照当作自己的驾照. 相关的最高处罚 这种违法行为将被判入狱6个月,罚款1000美元,或者两者兼而有之. 而且,你可能会被没收 你一年的驾驶特权.

4. 违反酒类许可证
向21岁以下的人出售或分发酒精饮料是非法的. It is also illegal to sell alcohol to persons of any age without a permit or license. Similarly, it is illegal to give away beer at a public party, unless you have the 适当的酒类许可证. 公众聚会是对公众开放的聚会. 聚会 is considered public if the host does not have a guest list, does not know all of 出席或不出席的人数并不限制聚会的规模.

5. 酒后驾驶
Do not drink alcohol and then drive 去或离开聚会; the risks you take are simply 太大了. 在俄亥俄州,如果一个人因酒精而受损,他就不能驾驶机动车 或药物. 这种罪行的最高刑罚包括6个月的监禁(你必须 入狱至少3天),罚款1000美元,或两者兼而有之. 此外,你将被没收 你的驾驶特权至少3个月.

6. 打开容器
In Ohio, it is illegal to possess in public an open container 酒精的 either in 在公共场合或在机动车辆上. 如果被判有罪,最高刑罚是 a $100.00细. 在机动车上饮酒是四级轻罪 最高刑罚为监禁30天及/或罚款250元.00细.

7. 过度的噪音
为避免违反噪音管制规定,请保持门窗紧闭. 国家和 城市有法律禁止噪音污染. 第一次违反噪音规定是轻罪 轻罪,最高罚款100美元. 第二次犯罪是第四度 轻罪最高可判90天监禁,或罚款750美元,或两者并罚. 之前 you expose yourself to a criminal law violation, review the risks such as possible fines, imprisonment, embarrassment, loss of self-esteem and reputation, and a criminal 可能危及你职业生涯的记录. 如果你有任何问题或意见 the legal consequences 酒精的-related criminal offenses, please contact Student 法律服务.


In addition to the criminal liability explained above, a social host who serves alcohol to an underage person may be civilly liable to third parties for personal injuries 以及未成年人造成的财产损失. 例如,如果主人提供酒精 to an underage person who then cause a traffic accident which kills someone, the host may be liable for wrongful death damages as well as the damage to the automobiles 以及其他财产. 因此,主人向未成年人提供酒精饮料可能要承担责任 当事人离席后造成损害的赔偿.


作为主人,你要对你的聚会负责. 为了避免未成年人持有 你必须在有酒的地方检查俄亥俄州的驾驶执照 served, as well as monitor the premises to ensure that underage persons are not avoiding 你的努力. 此外,除非你有许可证,否则你不能卖酒给任何人; 你也不可以出售任何商品来收回酒精的成本,也不可以采取任何措施 收取,不收取入场费.

  • If you have not obtained an "F" permit for serving alcohol, you may not have a public party; thus, you should limit attendance to people you know. 你可以参加你的聚会了 private by limiting the number of guests, monitoring your guests as they arrive, closing 关上门,关窗户. 如果你的聚会是私人的,那么警察可能不会 enter your dwelling without a warrant or your consent; so do your best to keep the 方私人.
  • You should monitor the loudness of your party by periodically checking the level of 噪音在你的地产线. 如果你能留住你的客人,你的聚会就会安静一些 在你的家里. 关闭门窗也会减少听到的噪音 你的邻居.
  • Ensure that sufficient restrooms are available so your guests are not using the outdoors. You also should guard against your guests damaging your property and the landlord's 公寓. Do not permit drug use; merely permitting drug abuse is a crime. 最后, 在聚会期间能及时接电话. 如果邻居打电话,但没有 由于无法与主人交谈,他们通常会报警.
  • 适度是聚会成功的关键. 如果人们喝太多酒,他们 可能判断力差. 判断力差容易导致犯罪行为 such as disorderly conduct, property damage, driving under the influence 酒精的, 故意破坏公物或熟人强奸. 过量饮酒也可能导致 other consequences such as alcoholism, unwanted sexual experiences, missed classes, 考试成绩不佳、人际关系紧张以及其他不良后果.


Hosts can save their guests considerable trouble and money by insisting that all beer 把他留在门口. 如果你的客人在城市人行道上带着打开的酒精容器 或者在大街上,他们会被传讯. 立即清理所有垃圾. 此外,请与您的 邻居们在聚会后的评论.

As your guests begin to leave the party, do not allow those who have consumed alcohol 开车回家. 指定司机实际上可能是你聚会的“生命”. 如果一个 guest has consumed alcohol, ensure that a designated driver takes that guest home 安全. 提醒你的客人,通常是在酒精或药物的影响下开车 will involve more than $1,000, a license suspension and mandatory jail time of at 如罪名成立,最少3天.


  • As a guest you have an obligation to be considerate to the host and the host's 邻居. 请避免损坏财物或侵入他人财物.
  • 如果你在聚会上接电话,请联系主人. 如果邻居打电话来 to complain and you hang up, then that neighbor's next call will be to the police.
  • Please be aware of the noise levels you generate, especially when you are traveling 去或离开聚会. Leave your beer at the party; carrying an open container 酒精的 在公共人行道或街道上是犯罪行为. Use the restrooms at the party; using the outdoors is not environmentally safe and may result in charges of disorderly conduct 或者不雅的暴露.
  • 最后,记住适度饮酒和合理饮酒可以降低风险. 当 alcohol is not used in moderation, it tends to lead to criminal behavior as well as 其他社会问题.


  • 由于各种各样的原因,警察可能会造访你的聚会. 对他们要有礼貌 服从他们的命令,包括解散的命令. 如果你不配合 警察,你收到扰乱治安传票的几率会增加, 不驱散、拒捕或妨碍司法. 请注意 警察可以在没有任何事先警告的情况下发出传票.
  •  If you have complaints regarding police procedure or conduct, do not aggravate the 有攻击性或吵闹行为的情况. 相反,你应该做笔记并展示 将此信息告知你的律师. 记住警官和证人的名字 发生了什么事.
  • If your party is private, the police need a search warrant or your consent to enter 你的住所. 如果警察逮捕了你,保持冷静和礼貌. 你不应该抗拒, 逃跑或躲避警察. 记住,你有权保持沉默,所以请告知 the police that you do not wish to answer any questions until your attorney is present. This right is important because any admissions or statements you make to the police 会对你不利吗. 法律只要求你表明身份.


托莱多是你的城市,你是这个全球十大外围足球平台不可分割的一部分. 请尊重 你的城镇和居民.

与受你的派对影响的人沟通,尤其是你的 邻居. 你对邻居的关心和尊重越多,你就会得到更多 你会从他们那里得到体贴和尊重. 你应该努力去理解 others regardless of their age, race, culture, tradition or political perspective, 这样你们就可以诚实、直接地解决分歧. 你应该保管一个保险箱 也是一个有吸引力的居住、工作和接受教育的地方. 关注 safety and welfare of others, together with the social consequences of your behavior. Show the community that you deserve its trust by carefully operating motor vehicles, carefully using your landlord's property, and carefully using and distributing alcohol.